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Overview of Our Services

The global marketplace is increasingly challenging so enterprises must adapt to maintain a competitive edge. Behan Consulting, Inc. (BCI) assists organizations in meeting the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.  BCI begins by:

  • Understanding our clients’ challenges
  • Identifying the internal and external factors involved, and
  • Developing winning strategies so our clients can overcome their challenges and succeed in the marketplace.

Then we help our clients implement effective solutions – we align their strategies, people, processes and technology so they achieve best-in-class performance. Our clients include government agencies, private enterprises, not-for-profits, nonprofits, and associations.  

BCI utilizes industry best practices approaches (PMBOK, ITIL, ISO, CMMI, BABOK, etc.) to create custom solutions based on unique client needs. We are agents of change that generate the greatest value for our clients by providing management consulting services in four areas:

Strategic Planning
Organizations need to adapt continually to new circumstances because of changes in economic, technological, political and demographic forces. Behan Consulting assists organizations in understanding and capitalizing on these forces to advance their mission and attain their vision.  Our strategic planning services help clients to define and prioritize their strategic objectives.  We assist leaders in developing and implementing plans that achieve near-term, mid-term and long-term goals, using limited resources. Our strategic planning services include the development of business plans, the gathering of competitive intelligence, the development of organizational strategies, and industry, economic and market analysis. 

Operations Consulting
Behan Consulting improves the operations of our clients within a strategic framework. We start by viewing the organization as a whole rather than focus on department silos. Then we examine in detail the functions and goals of the organization to identify areas in need of improvement. Finally, we align processes and infrastructure to achieve organizational synergy and establish world-class operations. Throughout, we build capabilities to sustain improvement to business performance. Our operations consulting services include: benchmarking and best practices, budgeting and forecasting, capacity planning, job design and workforce planning, development of performance measurements, program and project management support, and quality assessment and control.

Organizational Development
Our organizational development services help to transform organizations and their people; we not only improve processes but team dynamics as well. We help leaders to clearly communicate organizational objectives and strategy, build trust, and boost morale. We help managers to lead their teams more effectively and provide tools and techniques to help their employees grow and contribute more meaningfully. Behan Consulting’s organizational development services include: facilitation, trainging, leadership development, organizational assessments, reengineering and process improvements and team building.

Research & Analysis
When gathering information, we make sure it is relevant, accurate and complete – Behan Consulting’s rigorous analytical capabilities and our clients’ sound decision making depends on it. We cull valuable insights from large and small data sets so that organizations can strategically use that knowledge to achieve their goals. We provide thorough data and financial analysis to optimize resources, control costs and improve organizational effectiveness. BCI’s research and analysis services include the development, administration and analysis of customer and employee satisfaction surveys, feasibility studies, market research, data collection and analysis, and statistical analysis. 

In collaboration with each client, we take a disciplined approach to increasing organizational value. We develop an action plan for improving the organization, marshal the resources to implement the plan and ensure that the solutions achieve tangible, bottom-line results.