Sales Intelligence

BCI’s sales intelligence services can help your firm to target the right prospects using the most convincing messages. Our primary and secondary research will provide actionable sales intelligence on:

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Executives’ contact information
  • Customer needs and preferences
  • Development of marketing messages
  • Enhancement of CRM plans

Benefits for Our Clients

The information we provide will help your organization to:

  • Sell more to existing customers
  • Target prospecting to improve success rate
  • Enhance understanding of customer behaviors and preferences
  • Optimize messaging
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Improve customer and market segmentation

Experience in Sales Intelligence

BCI’s experience and resources in identifying customer needs includes:

  • BCI uses subscription databases that help sales and marketing professionals to identify real selling opportunities.  From a database containing informaiton on 120 million public companies, BCI clients can target client firm prospects based on size, industry, location, and type of products and services offered.  For each target firm, we provide the executives’ names and their biographies, and contact, financial, and product and service information.
  • For a leading shipping enterprise, BCI created and administered a customer satisfaction survey to over 500 customers.  Analyzed the results and reported findings and recommendation to improive business operations and customer satisfaction.  For the same organization, developed and implemented an employee satisfaction survey to over 7,000 personnel.  Tabulated and analyzed the results and provided findings to senior management to improivement productivity and morale.
  • For a Fortune 5 petroleum corporation, implemented the first service station customer satisfaction survey of a resale district with 350 stations on equipmet maintenance firms.  Counseled maintenance contractors on the findings and service improved — call-backs were reduced 20%, response times were shortened 15% and customer satisfaction increased to 82%.

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Patrick Behan, PRESIDENT, BCI