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Overview of Our Services

The global marketplace is increasingly challenging so enterprises must adapt to maintain a competitive edge. BCI assists organizations in meeting the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.  BCI begins by:

  • Understanding our clients’ challenges
  • Identifying the internal and external factors involved, and
  • Developing winning strategies so our clients can overcome their challenges and succeed in the marketplace.

Then we provide guidance to our clients to align their strategies, people, processes and technology so they achieve best-in-class performance. We are agents of change that generate the greatest value for our clients by providing management consulting services in three areas:

Sales Intelligence
BCI’s sales intelligence services delivers insights into prospects’ and existing clients’ needs and preferences. We provide salespeople with the information to capitalize on existing opportunities and find new ones. Our firm helps improve the quality and quantity of sales leads by delivering relevant industry, corporate and personal and contact information.​ This enables our clients to improve their targeting of prospects, optimize messaging and increase sales success rates.

Market Intelligence
Market intelligence is vital to the long-term success of any commercial organization.  It helps keep the organization more focused on achieving its vision, centers the firm’s business goals on its customers, provides know-how on what works and what doesn’t, increases awareness of important external factors, and aids in identifying growth opportunities. BCI provides deep insight into: new technologies, competitors, customers and their buying preferences, industry trends, demographic, cultural and social changes, and economic, political, governmental and legal factors. Our firm gathers information from experts, conducts surveys, and direct observation. We also access specialized Internet search engines, websites and subscription databases to provide the information you need to advance your organization.

Strategic Planning
Organizations must adapt continually to new circumstances because of changes in economic, technological, political, demographic, and other forces. BCI assists organizations in understanding and capitalizing on these forces to advance their mission and attain their vision. We help leaders in developing and implementing plans that achieve their goals using limited resources. Our strategic planning services include the development of business plans, business development plans and customer relationship management (CRM) plans; conducting internal and external assessments, and organizational strategy development.