Market Intelligence

BCI’s market intelligence services will provide valuable insight into factors that affect your organization.  Our research will improve your decision-making and increase the likelihood that your organization will flourish.  BCI provides market intelligence on:

  • Competitor information: patents, financial and legal filings, executives’ biographies, etc.
  • Product and service assessments
  • Technology innovations
  • Demographic, cultural and social trends
  • Economic, political and legal factors

Benefits for Our Clients

The information we provide will help your organization to better plan offerings, reduce risk, and become more future-oriented. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved identification of market opportunities
  • Increased awareness of competitor offerings and strategic moves
  • Greater insight on the impact of environmental forces on the firm
  • Positioning the firm to capitalize on environmental factors                     
  • More effective distribution and communication channels

Experience in Market Intelligence

To assist organizations in capitalizing on the rapidly changing marketplace, BCI has provided deep insight into the many factors that affect them.  Our experience includes:

  • For a large information technology firm, conducted an analysis of a leading competitor’s financial management system.  Identified and provided the advantages and disadvantages of the system to the firm’s marketing department.
  • For the largest real estate multiple listing service (MLS) in the nation, conducted an in-depth analysis of the firm’s MLS strengths and weaknesses with that of a competitor’s system and provided recommendations to improve marketing and service offerings.
  • For a large labor relations association, led a team that developed an activity-based costing model to identify cost drivers. Assessed the workforce capabilities and forecasted future workloads and expenses. The team’s recommendation to consolidate satellite offices was implemented by the client, saving $2 million annually.
  • For a Fortune 5 petroleum corporation, constructed elasticity of demand pricing models based on demographic information, gas volumes and other factors to improve the pricing and profitability of over 2,500 service stations.  Also, performed a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the storage capacity of a Manassas, Virginia light products terminal and forecasted future demand. The team’s recommendation to build two additional tanks was implemented and additional revenues are expected to be $16 million over 20 years.
  • At the Community for Business Partnership (CBP), organized and delivered multiple market research workshops for small business owners.

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Patrick Behan, PRESIDENT, BCI