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Market Intelligence Services

BCI's market intelligence services can provide valuable insight into the factors that are, and will be, affecting your organization. In fact, such research will improve your decision-making and increase the likelihood that your organization will flourish.  Our services provide market intelligence on:

  • Competitors and industry
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Products and services 
  • Technology innovations and trends
  • Demographic, cultural and social influences
  • Economic, political, governmental and legal factors

Benefits for Our Clients

The information we provide will help your organization to center on your customers, become more future-oriented, and reduce risk.  Additional benefits include:

  • Improved identification of market opportunities
  • Enhanced understanding of customer behaviors and attitudes
  • Increased awareness of competitor offerings and strategic moves
  • Greater insight on the impact of environmental forces – technology, industry, demographics, economic, etc. – on the organization
  • Awareness of product and service advantages and disadvantages
  • Improved market segmentation
  • More effective messaging and communications

"It is wiser to find out than to suppose." 

— Mark Twain,
     American author

Experience in Market Intelligence

To assist organizations in capitalizing on the rapidly changing marketplace, BCI has provided deep insight into the many factors that affect them. Our experience includes:

  • For a leading shipping enterprise, created and administered a customer satisfaction survey to over 500 customers. Analyzed the results and reported findings and recommendations to improve business operations and customer satisfaction. For the same organization, developed and implemented an employee satisfaction survey to over 7,000 personnel.  Tabulated and analyzed results and provided findings to senior management to improve productivity and morale.
  • For a major health care enterprise, calculated the collections to billings (CtB) ratios of 2,700 insurance companies to increase collections. Developed an improved methodology for aggregating and summarizing data.
  • For a Fortune 5 petroleum corporation, implemented the first service station manager customer satisfaction survey of a resale district with 350 stations on equipment maintenance firms. Counseled maintenance contractors on the findings and service improved — call-backs were reduced 20%, response times were shortened 15% and customer satisfaction increased to 82%.
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