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Business Analysis Services

Increasingly, organizations need to deliver high quality services and products using fewer resources. BCI provides facilitation and business analytical services to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of enterprises. We offer a range of capabilities and leading-edge approaches to improve performance:

  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Management control systems
  • Job design and work measurement
  • Workforce planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Quality assessment and control

Benefits for Our Clients

Our operations consulting services help design effective and scalable service delivery models. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased profitability
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Greater productivity
  • Reduced cycle times and waste
  • Improved service/product quality
  • Streamlined processes
      A particular shot or way of moving the ball can be a player’s personal signature, but efficiency of performance is what wins the game for the team." 

 — Pat Riley, widely regarded as one of the    
      greatest NBA coaches of all time.

Experience in Business Analysis

We work closely with all levels of organizations and use holistic best practices models, tools and approaches. BCI has extensive experience delivering facilitation and business analytical services:  

  • For a leading systems integration firm, helped turned around a business unit with $9 million in annual revenues. Instrumental in increasing revenues, the business unit's net Direct Contribution Margin and receivables. Helped reduce the accounts receivable days sales outstanding markedly and provided recommendations that increased the average client satisfaction survey score. Identified employee issues and provided recommendations to help enhance morale. According to the firm's confidential survey, the business unit's employee satisfaction moved from last place to first place among the 11 business units.
  • For a multi-billion dollar shipping enterprise, facilitated a five-day, off-site strategic planning conference to develop action plans to resolve financial, performance, service quality and employee morale issues. High client satisfaction led to conferences for two additional conferences. For the 31 business units of the shipping enterprise, developed financial, operational employee and customer satisfaction balanced scorecard metrics.
  • For a Fortune 5 petroleum firm, identified slow moving and unprofitable products at eight lube plants and two refineries, saving $175,000 annually. Reduced backorders 20% by recommending the re-routing of truck shipments among the plants. Recommendations to re-negotiate contracts led to savings of $250,000 yearly. Also, provided recommendations that streamlined station maintenance processes and saved $2.2 million annually.  Assisted in developing the balanced scorecard metrics results of a 12-member team of business analysts to improve workforce productivity. 
  • At a leading security enterprise, wrote a policies and procedures manual for infrastructure deployment managers.
  • For the Federal Aviation Administration Quality Assurance Department, conducted a planning study to help right size the workforce and better match its capabilities with current and future organization requirements. 
  • For a large labor relations association, led a team that developed an activity-based costing model to identify cost drivers. Assessed the workforce capabilities, forecasted future workloads and performed other quantitative and qualitative analysis. The team's recommendation to consolidate satellite offices was implemented by the client, saving $2 million annually.
  • Performed a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the storage capacity of a Manassas, Virginia light products terminal and forecasted future demand. The team's recommendation to build two additional tanks was implemented and additional revenues are expected to be $16 million over 20 years.
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